Behind Biby

Koo with her husband and five children
Hey! I'm Koo and I'm a mum to five beautiful kiddies! My first two babies didn't take to a dummy so it wasn't until my third baby that I needed to use one. She had silent reflux and, amongst other things, lots of people suggested that a dummy could help. So I persisted and eventually got her to take one.
 She mainly used it for sleep and as the months went by and she got a little more active I found it quite annoying to be forever looking for the dummy in or under the cot.
A friend of mine with twins the same age told me that she had been using some small muslin face washers to solve this problem. I searched high & low but couldn't find anything, so I pulled out my sewing machine and made up my own fabric dummy holder.
 They evolved a little over time, I went on to have two more dummy-using babies and I was also making them for family and friends. At some point someone asked me if they could pay me to make them a couple and I thought why not start a little business?
Since then, the design has been tweaked and they have been independently lab tested and certified for safety.
 Each one is handmade with love from this mum to you.
Koo x